Doc Playing Board Games: Luck or Strategy

Board games have been around for a very long time and have been traced back to prehistoric times. Some discoveries prove that board games have been around since 5,000 BC implying that they have been played for over 7,000 years. However, the popularity of board games has continued to increase, with many types of games available and several people playing the game.

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Different board games have different rules and the players must not only know the rules but must also play according to the rules. Not knowing the rules could put a player at a disadvantage or could lead to their disqualification when they break a rule, giving their opponent an automatic success.

There are many types of board games available today, with the most common types known as strategy board games and dice board games. The strategy board games require the use of pieces to capture the king of the opponent such as in chess or similar activities. Hence, the player has to come up with a strategy to outsmart his opponent and defeat them.

On the other hand, dice board games are played with boards that mostly have 6 sides. The dice are tossed and the number that comes up is utilized by the person that tossed the dice to move their pieces. Even though some level of strategy is still required in dice board games, luck also plays a huge role in the person who wins. This is considering there is no strategy to determine what number the dice will show up when you use it. You will only have to strive to make the best of the numbers you get.

You might be wondering when it comes to board games if a player wins based on luck or based on strategy. The answer to this question is not the same for every type of board game. There are some board games that luck plays a huge role. This is the case in dice-based games where a lucky person with little skills can easily defeat an unlucky player even if they have all the skills. Imagine a situation where a player gets a 6 every time they need it and the opponent has to try for at least 10 times before getting a 6 when they need it.

In the history of board games, there are many points in history where winners of board games were believed to have been favored by the gods. Hence, for some types of board games, luck can play a huge role in determining the winner.

For strategy-based board games such as chess and checkers, luck plays a little role, and strategies/skills play the most roles. The player with the right strategy will be able to easily defeat their opponent. This is considering that as opposed to dice board games, strategy-based games do not leave much to luck. The player with the higher knowledge, strategy, and skills of the game will defeat the player with the lesser strategy and skills.